Welcome visitors! This website is home to my new comic characters, Rocky™, and Tuck™! These fun-lovers compose an unlikely duo; a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Sauropod! Every day, these guys discover new things and are always up to something fun and exciting! In a few episodes, it is only fun until they find out what their mischievous pets snake and lizard, Spence™ and Speedy™ are up to! All of the adventure, excitement and fun is all here on this website!

Rocky and Tuck

Meet Rocky and Tuck!

  • Meet the Crew!
    • Rocky- Rocky is a green Tyrannosaurus Rex and is the main protagonist in the series. Despite being a member of one of the most fearsome theropods that lived, Rocky is brave, loyal, and rather friendly and generous. He is also polite, understanding and thinks for others too. He is shown to love the roller coasters at the local amusement park, “The Gardens of Thrill,”™ even the ones that deliver massive headaches. Although he and his best friend, Tuck, have different interests, he still respects Tuck’s likes and dislikes. Rocky has brown eye irises (usually seen when  excited). Rocky’s birthday is on October 26, 1992.


    • Tuck- Tuck is a deep purple sauropod (the species has not been revealed yet) and is the main deuteragonist of the series. Tuck is kind, cowardly, eager to please, and feisty. Tuck loves the water rides at “The Gardens of Thrill”™ and has an animosity for any roller coaster that hangs from its track due to the vehicles shaking, which usually gives him a headache. Tuck’s  purple eye irises can be seen when he gets excited or is sick (which are usually flashing when sick).